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Special Test Tests we have done Test that are repeated Person Carry Object Carry Up and Over Tight Rope Poison Web Clothes Line Mental Test Bike Change Funky Kayak Tied Together Speed accuracy Swim Teammate Search
Chaos x x x x  
Prison Break x x x  
Archery x x  
Tube Change x x x  
Marco Polo x x x x
Clothes line x x  
Kayak Portage x x x v  
Rescue Carry x x x  
Ride and Tie x x  
Cargo Net (Under) x  
Bungee Circle x x x  
Kayak Inflate x x  
Over Under x x  
Paddle Break x x x
Teeter Toter x x x x  
Balance with switch x x  
A frame cargo x x x  
Human Sacrafice x x x  
Circle of Love x x x  
Railroad tie carry x x  
Bucket Brigade x x  
Bikes through the diamond x x  
Sand Bag Carry x x  
Monkey on your back x x  
Rope Connection x x  
Railroad tie drag x x  
Train x  
Blindfolded Train x  
The Wall x x x x  
Slippery wall x x x x  
Electric Fence x x x x x  
Mud Pit x x x  
Marine Hurdles x x x x  
Orienteering x x x  
Knot x x x  
Mine field x  
Tension Traverse x x  
Muze x x x  
Memory board x  
Memory orienteering x  
Disaster Scenario     x x