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We couldn't have asked for better race conditions. Starting time was 7:30 with temperatures in the 60s. They started us off with a 6.5 mile trail run in and around the lake. We started off in good position, somewhere around 10th place and steadily climbed to about 4th place. We hit the first swim section around the 5th mile and immediately lost about 3 spots. From here to the end of the run was along the banks of the lake which were both sandy and rocky.

The first of several special test that followed the run was the orienteering section. We were to try and locate three different cards placed in hanging markers in the woods. The first card (Red 10) proved to be the hardest, we ended up finding the red King and the Black 10, but couldn't find ours. We went back to the parking lot to get our bearings straight and managed to locate the hidden card. Next were the Red 9, and the Red 8 which we seemed to much easier. We turned in our cards and headed through the transition area for a quick drink before getting in the kayaks.

We were stopped before reaching the kayaks with our second special test. We were to fill a 40 gallon can placed about 30 ft. from the lake. We were given three buckets to retreive water and fill the can. Upon filling the buckets with water we immediately noticed that there were four holes drilled into the sides of the bucket near the bottom. We attempted to plug a few holes with our fingers, but ended up loosing just as much water out the top. Once we filled the can we were to dump the water back out to finish the test. Luckily I asked if we had enough water in the can, but was told to get one more bucker full. Some of the other teams (Team Diglers) weren't so lucky. They dumped there can too early and had to refill it. Bummer!

We were in about 10th place when we finally reached the kayaks. Once again we let about 3 teams get in front of us. Our new kayak strategy of NOT tethering the boats seemed to work great. Dave took off in the single and stayed about 40 yards ahead of Vickie and I. We slowly managed to pass other teams one by one, but it was a lot of hard work. I think we got a boat with a stuck right rudder because we couldn't manage to keep the boat going in a strait line. Vickie and I had a few words, but I think it was mild for how a brother and sister ought to fight. At least she never tried to hit me over the head with her paddle :-)

We finished the kayak section regaining the spots we lost getting in the boats. Only to give it right back on the next special test. We were told to get each team member and both kayaks over and under a set of hurdles. The over hurdles were beams 6 ft high. The under hurdles were beams 2 ft high. There was a tarp under the hurdles, but at the beging and end the kayaks could not touch the sand. We did lousy. Thats all I want to say about that.

Next was the mountain bike section. We had another great transition and got back in front of the teams we let pass us. I took off before Vickie and Dave to get a head start. They had to wait for me in the Lake Pleasant Hi-Tec race and I didn't want that to happen again. The bike course proved to be much more technical than our previous Hi-Tec race. It was mostly single track with a lot of twisting rolling winding hills. There was also a few water portages and SAND. I managed to stay ahead of Dave and Vickie and when I got to the end, I backtracked through the last water portage to help Vickie carry her bike. The last portage was the longest and deepest. It was almost up to my head and I am 5'11". We finished the bike section with only two special tests between us and the finish line.

The A frame cargo net was a 12ft high structure that required us to get each team member our bikes over. I climbed to the top as Dave handed the bikes up to me. I hooked the handle bars on the other side and then climbed over. We did really good on this test and seemed to be one of the faster teams. The bikes did get stuck together which slowed us down a bit, but nothing major. We ran through the transition to drop off the bikes before reaching our final special test.

What looked like to be the railroad trolly was really the railroad pull. Two railroad ties were tied together (about 300 lbs.) and we had to drag them through the sand around a small track. We it seemed to take us forever to get around that track and we almost go passed. We managed to hold off the three amigos finishing our second adventure race in a time of 3 hours 25 minutes and 29 seconds.


note: Vickie's husband Butch Nelson joined a team (Team Diglers) last minute. This was the first adventure race for him and his teammates. They did an outstanding job placing 60th in the co-ed division. Good Job!